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A natural bamboo hygiene set for babies containing:


  • An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bamboo toothbrush
  • An easy to hold and grip bamboo handle hairbrush made with natural ultra-soft goat's hair which is hypoallergenic on babies' skin and can help to reduce cradle cap
  • A bamboo comb which helps to work out stubborn tangles and is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant


All packaging is compostable and recyclable.



Baby Bamboo Toothrbush, Hairbrush & Comb Set

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  • Hairbrush Care: Remove any excess hair and wash with a few drops of shampoo in warm water. 

    Comb Care: Remove any excess hair and rinse the comb under warm running water to remove any dirt.

    Toothbrush Care:

    • Rinse the bristles with tap water after brushing your teeth, to remove food debris and toothpaste foam
    • Dry the bamboo handle and the bristles with a towel
    • Store the bamboo toothbrush in a vented cup to avoid a pool of water at the bottom which could create a mould effect

    It is advised to change your toothbrush every 3 months.