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Meet Pickle the Panda! A cute and lovable native from our bamboo forest collection! This charming companion is the perfect size for little ones to hold and snuggle! Made of 100% cotton, this comforter is incredibly soft against your babies delicate skin and can be used for soothing, playtime and more. 


Pickle the Panda isn’t just a cuddly sleep sidekick - we wanted to educate little ones about the creatures of the bamboo forest so each comforter comes with an informative bio card with an adorable poem about Pandas. This can be read to your little ones at bed time for the ultimate soothing. 


Whether it's for bedtime, a trip to the park or simply for moments of warmth and security, these handcrafted treasures are here to make every day a bit cosier.


Pickle the Panda Comforter

  • Wash at 30°