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Our colic remedies and tips

We understand how miserable and tiring dealing with colic can be. We experienced colic with our little one first hand until he was 6 months old despite the doctors reassuring us that he would grow out of it after 4 months! We felt utterly hopeless at times, especially after learning that there is no cure and it is still a mystery on what could be causing it. However we did find some solid tips that we would like to share with you to help alleviate the struggles!

Tip 1 / Driving in the car

Not all babies favour this but for us it gave instant relief from the crying. If your little one likes motion then take them for a long drive in the car to settle them before bed or during those severe colic moments. We used to play rain sounds on these drives (which we favoured over white noise) to create a soothing environment for our inconsolable baby. If you can’t drive, try taking your baby for a walk in the pram. This can also give them that soothing / rocking motion experience and give you 10 minutes of peace!

Tip 2 / Baby Probiotics

We got a recommendation from a fellow parent with a colicky baby to take probiotics to help infant colic. Research suggests there is a link between gut bacteria and colicky babies which you can learn more about here:

Like most parents going through colic we were extremely desperate and open to trying anything! We kept our little one on probiotics for months and did feel it alleviated his colic and helped his little gut with digestion and gas. Please check with a doctor before taking, we did and got the ok. Below is a link to the exact probiotic we took but feel free to do your research and get advice from a paediatrician.

Tip 3 / Feeding your baby upright and burping frequently

Whether the two are linked is unclear, but if you have an already colicky baby then adding gas or acid reflux on top of this can create a whole new level of discomfort for your baby and cause an immense amount of stress for parents. Our little one was extremely gassy and had bad acid reflux from formula milk, so burping and doing leg pumping exercises became part of our hourly routine. Try feeding your little one at a 45 degree angle and burping immediately after. (We found the over the shoulder position the most effective for this.) This should help stop them from swallowing air and remove any air that does manage to get through! The less discomfort the better!


We really hope you find these tips useful and we want you to know that you are not alone. Our colic period went way over the supposed amount suggested by doctors and we felt like things would never get better but eventually it did and it will for you also! Remember that self care is extremely important too, so be kind to yourself and know that it is nothing you have done! Sleep deprivation can often play tricks on your mind so try to catch a few zzz’s as much as possible to reset your thoughts and have a break.

Please feel free to reach out to us via our email if you want further advice and support / just to chat!

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Sep 21, 2022

Some great advice here - will definitely be looking into the probiotics!


Really useful tips, colic is just an absolute minefield - motion is definitely a saviour

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