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Shop our range of personalised, eco-friendly baby bamboo products that are naturally beneficial to children and truly one-of-a-kind.

The baby bamboo gift bundle

Our beautiful baby bamboo gift set is the perfect present for any occasion ranging from baby showers to birthdays. Personalise your item by adding a crafted name engraving into your bamboo box to create a gift that is truly one of a kind.

Image by Jay Wennington

We adopted
a beautiful panda

Pandas love bamboo as much as we do, so naturally we felt obliged to pay homage to the iconic species within our designs. Furthermore, we wanted to help support and protect them financially so we donate to the WWF charity monthly and have adopted our own beautiful panda. Our donation helps to ​restore habitats, increase the area of habitat under legal protection and supports local communities to manage forest resources sustainably.

We offset our C02 emissions

We understand that shipping within business can have an impact on the environment so we contribute to Ecologi to offset the CO2 emissions our business produces. This is our way of giving something back to the planet.

Image by Haythem Gataa